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Summary of Funding Relief Voting

December 13, 2013

I am very pleased to announce that today there has been a Regulation filed and passed into law which grants the General Synod Pension Plan temporary relief from funding any solvency deficiencies until after the results of an actuarial valuation to be conducted as at December 31, 2015.  This is the result we have been working toward and hoping for.

I would like to thank all the Plan members who returned voter cards to our office last summer.  Thank you for your patience in waiting for this process to run its course.  We will be mailing a letter to you with more details, early next week, and as always, if you have any questions, please contact our office.

Judy Robinson

September 13, 2013

Thank you to all the pension plan members who have voted over the past few weeks.  We have now sent the voting results to the Ministry of Finance, so we will no longer be recording any further votes which may come in.  Please come back to the website over the coming weeks, as we will continue to post our progress in the area of solvency funding relief for the GSPP, as the government proceeds with the work they now need to do.

Judy Robinson



The Pension Commitee, on behalf of the Anglican Church of Canada, commits to faithful stewardship and administration of the Pension Plans, Benefit Plans and Funds; and to do so with compassion and efficiency for the well-being  of the Plan Members and their beneficiaries.


  1. Prayerfully seek the will of Jesus Christ in all our responsibilities.
  2. Carry on the canonical tasks assigned to it under the Canons of the Anglican Church of Canada.
  3. Ensure compliance with applicable Government Legislation.
  4. Be aware of current and emerging legal, taxation and economic issues affecting Pensions and Benefits.
  5. Make recommendations and decisions cognizant of the general level of Canadian Pension and Benefits Plans.
  6. Equitably balance the interests of all members.

About Us

The Pension Office Corporation administers the General Synod Pension Plan, the Lay Retirement Plan, the Long Term Disability Plan, the Self Insured Death Benefit Plan, Employee Benefits Plan and the Continuing Education Plan for employees of the Anglican Church of Canada and its related employers.


This section contains a listing of forms required in order to process a request.

For Plan Members

This section contains the Canons, Regulations and Plan documents that govern the plans we administer as well as links to websites which discuss health, wellness, and timely plan changes and a link to information on Continuing Education.


Newsletters are produced and sent to Plan members to communicate to them results of the actuarial valuation, investment performance of the fund, legislative changes which affect the plan, changes in employee benefit plans or any major decision of the Trustees that affect the Plan members.  Newsletters are produced regularly and are sent to active, non-active and retired members of the plans.

For Participating Employers

This section contains up-to-date versions of the Canons, Regulations and Plan Documents that govern the Plans we administer.

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