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Pension Benefit Improvements

With the long-term financial strength of the plan and the removal of temporary funding rules, the Pension Committee and Trustees are able to make a number of improvements to the GSPP’s benefits.

Manulife Vitality

Manulife has introduced a new product, Manulife Vitality, which promotes healthy living.  This can be accessed at “Go to Manulife Vitality” tab on your plan

Submit All Manulife claims online!

Online claims just got easier. Plan members can now take advantage of two new features when submitting group benefit claims. Members can simply select “Other”

Osteopath Claims

Manulife will no longer recognize the following associations and member practitioners as of September 15, 2017: Ontario Osteopathic and Alternative Medicine Association Ontario Association of


Newsletters are produced and sent to Plan members to communicate to them results of the actuarial valuation, investment performance of the fund, legislative changes which affect the plan, changes in employee benefit plans or any major decision of the Trustees that affect the Plan members.  Newsletters are produced regularly and are sent to active, non-active and retired members of the plans.

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